Brain Health and Trauma TreatmentBrain Health and Trauma Treatment

Brain Health and Trauma Treatment

Years of rigorous training and sustained combat can create invisible and visible wounds in the form of traumatic brain injuries, post traumatic stress, and musculoskeletal issues. The SEAL Legacy Foundation can help address the lingering effects through its partnership with the Home Base Program, as well as referrals and other financial support mechanisms.

Home Base Comprehensive Brain Health and Trauma for Special Operators (ComBHaT)

Based on a model developed for retired National Football League players, ComBHaT was launched in 2019 by Home Base to provide the Special Operations (SO) community an integrated, multidisciplinary specialist evaluation, treatment and care coordination for Veterans and active duty Service Members.

ComBHaT is available to any SO Veteran, Service Member and support personnel in need, all at no cost, including clinical care, transportation, lodging and meals. Family Members are actively engaged in the process.